Custom solutions and unlimited support.


From the work we do in server infrastructure — deployments, virtualization, and migration — to our insights and experience in network architecture, DeepNet will find the right approach to improve and sustain performance.

Beyond the expertise we bring to your major IT needs, we can also manage productivity tools and equipment — from mobile devices and remote connectivity to coordinating and communicating with all of your technology vendors.


Server Infrastructure

The heart of any organization, servers activate your team, giving them access to powerful information. Forgotten in a server room, neglected servers pose plenty of risks including costly downtime. DeepNet can free up valuable physical space through server virtualization, strategize and deploy server replacements, and provide ongoing maintenance — all to maximize your team's productivity.

  • Software, hardware, and connectivity monitoring

  • Server replacement and lifecycle management

  • Server virtualization

  • Hardware and software maintenance

  • User account and domain policy management

  • Email and anti-spam solution management

  • Backup procedure development, implementation, and monitoring

  • After-hours support

Enterprise Network Architecture

Building networks since 2000, DeepNet has the experience to navigate architecture challenges and develop unique, effective solutions. Activating the latest and greatest in network hardware technology, management, and analytics with partners like Cisco Meraki, we’re able to design, implement, and manage networks that are fast and secure. 

  • Network design and implementation
  • Hardware and software monitoring and management
  • Security monitoring, maintenance, and management

Workstation Strategy

Ensuring that desktops, laptops, and tablets hum at peak performance — we work with clients to find the right hardware and support with setup, software maintenance, and ongoing Help Desk assistance.

  • Daily Help Desk support — via phone, remote and on-site
  • Inventory and product lifecycle tracking
  • Keeping workstations up to date with security updates
    and patches
  • Replacing and upgrading desktops and laptops

VoIP System Management

Voice over IP technology brings business phone service into the modern age, cutting the old landline cord in favor of the features you need, the customization you want, and plenty of flexibility. We’ll work with you to find the right vendor and hardware, providing ongoing support and monitoring.

  • Vendor and service consultation
  • System setup and configuration
  • Coordinating vendors for troubleshooting, maintenance, and management
  • Replacing and upgrading equipment