Onboard to our Managed IT Services and experience the DeepNet difference

Do you like IT surprises? Neither do we. Our IT roadmap process, tailored to your needs, helps you see where you are now and shows where you are headed.

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Onboarding with DeepNet is a straight-forward and effective process. Led by a tech advisory team assigned to your organization, we will:

Assess your current technology, infrastructure, applications, and security levels.
Mitigate high-risk vulnerabilities by improving security and functionality first.
Provide professional guidance, responsive tech support, proactive network and internet management, all in a secure and protected IT environment.
Leverage our experience to establish an IT roadmap.
Implement tools and processes that increase efficiency and impact

DeepNet’s IT roadmap in action

DeepNet’s IT roadmap process is built on decades of experience helping clients. A mix of signature services and requested projects, it is designed to reduce risk, improve functionality, increase efficiency, and move your organization toward its goals.

Andy Smith
Tech Advisory Manager
We’ll guide you through onboarding, ensuring that we’ve listened to your needs and resolved key issues. We’ll then leverage our experience, your requirements and together, we’ll define and implement a roadmap focused on your goals.
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Your Priority Issues

Organizational Goals

DeepNet Experience & Standards

Assessment & Onboarding

4-8 weeks

Fully onboarded to our IT Managed Services. We’ve addressed your key technology issues, upgraded essential infrastructure, hardware & implemented improved security measures.

Example IT Roadmap

We’ve defined & commenced a prioritized, ongoing IT roadmap plan

Implement multi-factor authentication for account security
Month 1
Improve employee onboarding/offboarding workflow
Month 2-3
Retire QuickBooks server to cloud-based alternative
Month 4-5
Upgrade old workstations
Month 6-8
Active Directory cleanup
Month 12
Deploy organizational password management
Month 9-11
New office location network setup
Month 13-14
Migration to online collaboration software
Month 15-18

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Our pay-as-you-grow managed services model is designed to increase your organization’s security, efficiency, and impact with a simple and transparent pricing model.
  • Monthly fees include charges for employees, locations, infrastructure services, and a fixed fee ongoing technical advisory.
  • Fixed fees for all projects enables accurate annual budgeting.