Microsoft Authenticator & MFA Training

Unlocking Security: Expert Training on Microsoft Authenticator and Multi-Factor Authentication


In this video series, you'll learn the basic concepts of MFA and Microsoft Authenticator.
Overview of multi factor authentication (including MS Authenticator setup)

Troubleshooting & Walkthroughs

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User: How to set up authenticator on a new phone
Upgrade, accident or just losing it, everyone at some points needs...

User: Setting Up Multifactor Authentication for the First Time

Go to your computer, and go to

Enter your email and password

Select Security Info in the left menu or the tile on the right pane

Select Add method in the Security info pane

On the Add a method page, select Authenticator app from the list, and then select Add

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, and select Next

Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, select to allow notifications (if prompted)

Select Add account from the Customize and control icon on the upper-right, and then select Work or school account.

Return to the web browser where you initially logged in, and scan the QR code that appears on the screen*If for any reason you can't scan the QR code, click "Can't scan image?" and manually enter the URL into the app and select Finish

If you were able to scan the QR code, click Next on the web browser QR code page.

Approve the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and then select Next.

Mission Completed!

Administrator: How to reset multi-factor authentication (MFA) on a newdevice or if a device is lost
As an administrator, how do you setup a new device with MFA? Find out how to here..


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