IT Project Management Services

DeepNet delivers precision-focused IT project management services, ensuring efficiency and expertise in every project through a fixed-fee service model, all under the guidance of your dedicated tech advisor.

It all starts with onboarding

DeepNet excels as an IT project management service provider, initiating every partnership with a comprehensive onboarding process. Our method involves a multi-phased approach, meticulously outlined in our IT roadmap, ensuring a seamless integration of project management solutions. We meticulously elevate every facet of a client's technical environment to meet our stringent standards for reliability, performance, and security. As we progress, we continuously harness our extensive vendor network, guaranteeing that our clients reap the benefits of enterprise-grade services and technology, all part of our commitment to delivering top-tier IT project management services.

Your Priority Issues

Organizational Goals

DeepNet Experience & Standards

Assessment & Onboarding

4-8 weeks

Fully onboarded to our IT Managed Services. We’ve addressed your key technology issues, upgraded essential infrastructure, hardware & implemented improved security measures.

Example IT Roadmap

We’ve defined & commenced a prioritized, ongoing IT roadmap plan

Implement multi-factor authentication for account security
Month 1
Improve employee onboarding/offboarding workflow
Month 2-3
Retire QuickBooks server to cloud-based alternative
Month 4-5
Upgrade old workstations
Month 6-8
Active Directory cleanup
Month 12
Deploy organizational password management
Month 9-11
New office location network setup
Month 13-14
Migration to online collaboration software
Month 15-18
John Sutter
CEO, Applied Building Science
Constant budget surprises plagued our projects. DeepNet's transparent approach and strategic alignment turned it around. Now, IT is a driver of growth, not headaches. Grateful for their expertise!

Some of the routine projects we do every day

At DeepNet, we specialize in project management for IT projects, bringing expertise and precision to a diverse array of initiatives every day. Our commitment ensures your organization stays competitive, efficient, and secure. Here's a glimpse into the spectrum of IT projects we adeptly manage:
Client Account Onboarding
Compliance Assessments
Comprehensive Office Technology Assessments
Cyber Security Assessments
Documentation and Training
Endpoint Security Upgrades
Migration from On-Premises Servers
Migration to Exchange Online
Migration to M365 AzureAD
Migration to SharePoint Online
Office Network Refresh and upgrade
Remote Management Tooling
Site Moves and relocations
Updates to  Security and BCDR Plans

Delight your employees with IT support that works

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Project delivery can be effective and transparent. It’s the DeepNet way

Delivering projects effectively and transparently is the hallmark of the DeepNet approach. In the realm of information technology, it's not uncommon for clients to overshoot their IT budgets and project costs, largely due to a lack of transparency from IT departments or external vendors. At DeepNet, our commitment is to equip you with a detailed IT budget that aligns with your IT Roadmap, enabling us to reduce unforeseen IT challenges and enhance proactive planning and project execution. We guarantee transparency in every aspect of our service, including scheduling, budgeting, security, and system enhancements, all underpinned by fixed-fee pricing to promote financial clarity and accountability.
Our collaboration model is designed to integrate seamlessly with your team, ensuring that every project and process is in harmony with your organization's security protocols, efficiency targets, and overarching goals. By adopting agile methodologies and a proven methodology for project management, we not only adapt to change swiftly but also foster continuous improvement in your operations. Our project experience, enhanced by the latest in new technology and change management practices, positions us to offer expert project management services that stand apart.

Embrace the DeepNet difference, where expert project management services are augmented by a commitment to agile practices, continuous improvement, and a transparent partnership. Experience how our approach to information technology projects, leveraging new technologies and a proven methodology, can transform your project outcomes.

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IT Project Manager for Managed Services

An IT Project Manager plays a crucial role in the realm of managed services, orchestrating the seamless execution of projects from inception to completion. With a focus on delivering tailor-made solutions, they ensure that every aspect of IT infrastructure, software development, and system integration aligns with the client's objectives. Their expertise in project planning, team leadership, and risk management guarantees that managed services are delivered efficiently, on time, and within budget, thereby enhancing the overall performance and reliability of IT operations.

Why Choose Deepnet's IT Project Management Service?

Deepnet Project Management Service is designed for organizations seeking unparalleled expertise in navigating complex projects from conception to completion. Our team of experienced project managers, certified by the Project Management Institute, brings a wealth of knowledge and project management skills to the table. Leveraging the latest project management tools, we tailor our management services to meet the unique demands of each project. Our approach ensures that the project scope is meticulously defined, resources are efficiently allocated, and project execution hurdles are adeptly navigated.
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our methodical approach to project management. We prioritize clear communication, stakeholder engagement, and risk mitigation to ensure that every project is delivered on time, within budget, and exceeds expectations. By choosing Deepnet Project Management Service, you benefit from:

  • Expertise of Project Management Professionals: Our IT project managers are adept at harnessing the power of advanced project management tools to provide real-time updates and insights, facilitating informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Advanced Project Management Tools: Utilize cutting-edge technology for project tracking, collaboration, and reporting.
  • Tailored Management Services: Customized solutions that align with your project's specific scope and requirements.
  • Experienced Project Managers: Benefit from the depth of experience our project managers bring to your IT projects, ensuring seamless execution and delivery.

Deepnet Project Management Service is your partner in transforming visions into reality, driving projects forward with precision and expertise.

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