Network Management

With a focus on cloud services, remote workforce support, compliance, and new location setups, DeepNet tailors top-tier network services to your organization’s needs.

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Secure and reliable  connectivity is the cornerstone of effective operations.

Our designated account managers collaborate with you to create an approved list of hardware items and specifications. Here's how it works:

Ongoing network assessment and monitoring for performance, reliability and risks

Procurement, disposal, and lifecycle management for network hardware

24/7/365 emergency support for all network issues or threats

Administration of wireless networks, connectivity and licensing

Support for network-connected devices such as printers, scanners, MFPs, and VoIP phones

Oversight of ISP performance and issue resolution

John Sutter
CEO, Applied Building Science
Thanks to DeepNet our devices & network operates seamlessly. Their updates, device monitoring, and quick issue resolution has been excellent. Planning our network, connecting devices, managing VoIP phones, finding the best internet providers – they handle it all, ensuring our devices are always reliable and ready for action.

Maintaining Network Performance and Security

Regular assessments are crucial to monitor and maintain network performance, reliability, and safety. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential issues that can arise due to daily use, hardware/software updates, or employee turnover. Timely identification and resolution of issues foster confidence among employees, reduce downtime, and sustain productivity.

Lifecycle Management: Key to Network Hardware Efficiency

Ensuring effective procurement, disposal, and lifecycle management of network hardware is vital. Planned replacements, informed by the life expectancy of equipment, mitigate the risk of failure. We also focus on securing sensitive data during disposal and adhering to environmentally responsible practices. Lifecycle management helps ensure optimal functioning of network components.

24/7/365 Support: Ensuring Network Stability

In an ever-changing network environment, round-the-clock emergency support is critical. Quick and reliable assistance from a dedicated network partner provides peace of mind and continuity in operations. Our team is always ready to assess and remedy network issues swiftly, keeping your business in full swing.

Efficient Administration of Wireless Networks

Effective administration of wireless networks, including connectivity and licensing, ensures seamless coverage, robust security, and an efficient user experience. We manage licensing meticulously to prevent overuse and maintain uninterrupted operations.

Support for Network-Connected Devices

Network-connected devices like printers, scanners, MFPs, and VoIP phones are integral to businesses. Regular updates, usage monitoring, and timely issue resolution by our network administrators ensure these devices operate smoothly, contributing to network stability.
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