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DeepNet's Managed IT Services are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing you with the freedom to concentrate on your core business objectives, enabling your organization to grow and thrive.

Co-managed or Fully Managed IT Services?

Our managed IT solutions can serve as your complete IT department or supplement your existing IT staff by co-managing chosen areas. We provide services that are specifically tailored to your needs, helping you to leverage economies of scale and adapt swiftly. Our commitment is to ensure your security, increase your productivity, and free your team from IT worries, all through advanced technological solutions and ensuring that we're onsite when you need us.

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Here's how we'll support your Santa Rosa team

We offer a comprehensive suite of IT services to many Santa Rosa-based organizations. Our technicians and advisory team provide the highest standard of support. This includes a fast-response service desk, cyber threat and device management, as well as strategic technology road mapping as standard.

We'll provide you with:

A dedicated team to guide you through the onboarding process, attentively listen to your requirements, and offer continuous strategic advice and support
Straightforward and transparent pricing structure right from the outset. Fixed cost for complete project management.
Prompt and efficient response for all your IT support queries, inclusive of 24/7/365 emergency resolution services.
Extensive cyber security solutions encompassing infrastructure, software applications, network systems, various devices, and efficient data management.
Acquisition, setup, implementation, and environmentally friendly and secure disposal of your outdated IT equipment.
A comprehensive analysis of your current operations, identifying your specific challenges and needs, and crafting a detailed roadmap with clear deliverables.
Tiela Chalmers
Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel
Whether upgrading our legacy systems and workflows or getting us up and running within a few hours of a ransomware attack, Symbio has been an extraordinary partner that I recommend to all my peers.

We're proud to support the Santa Rosa community

Engaging with the Santa Rosa community is a key focus for us. We are driven by core values that aim to decrease inequality, lower poverty rates, foster a sustainable environment, reinforce community ties, and create high-quality jobs that are meaningful and dignified. Our team actively participates in volunteer work within the community, and we're always eager to discover and share inspiring stories. Explore our stories below to see our impact.Building connections within the Santa Rosa c


Small and midsize organizations are the most at-risk to cyber threats as they often have the greatest vulnerability.  Let us protect your organization with a best-in-class set of processes, procedures, and enterprise security software.

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Onsite when you need us

Not every IT issue can be solved remotely. That’s why we have 24/7/365 Field Services engineers available to be deployed on-site, throughout Santa Rosa for any support needs.

Learn more about our onsite field services.

We'll manage your network and internet

As a minimum, you need high-speed, dependable internet. Every remote worker and site should integrate smoothly within the broader organization. Your network's security should be top-notch, minimizing exposure to cyber threats, natural disasters, and unforeseen disruptions.

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to network and internet management.

Trainings from the top

Keeping up with rapidly evolving technology can be challenging, but we're here to help. Every six weeks, DeepNet invites you to join a laser-focused, value-packed webinar tailored specifically for leaders & endeavoring achievers.

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Join our webinar to explore how to streamline your Unified Communications across platforms like Slack, G-suite, and Teams, tailoring them to your business's unique rhythm for improved efficiency and productivity.
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