Lily and the Asian Law Caucus - A Mission of Change and Empowerment

Alan Foulkes
November 10, 2023
Lily and the Asian Law Caucus - A Mission of Change and Empowerment

Founded in 1972, the Asian Law Caucus (ALC), San Francisco, proudly wears the badge of being the nation’s first civil rights and legal organization dedicated to Asian American and Pacific Islanders. With a mission that integrates grassroots empowerment with legal services, ALC covers a vast spectrum, from immigrant rights and workers' rights to national security and civil rights.

Lily, a dedicated member of the ALC, reminisces on her journey. As a first-generation immigrant from Taiwan, she recalls moving into a middle-class neighborhood in Southern California. Her personal journey in the U.S., right from attending college in the Bay Area, to her time as an organizer in Oakland's Chinatown, solidified her association with ALC. Inspired by the progressive aura of the organization, Lily recounts her younger years when she had seen them work rigorously, especially in protecting the rights of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants.

However, Lily’s inspiration to join ALC wasn't just due to their work. As a ninth-grader in Southern California, she recalls the LA uprising, a moment that shaped her outlook. The injustice she witnessed, especially the aftermath of the trial of the police officers who brutalized Rodney King, instilled a sense of rage and a thirst for equality. Watching the chaos unfold on TV, all the while being cocooned in the safety of her parent's home, made her question the disparities in the world around her.

So, what fuels ALC's fire? For Lily, it's the stories of their clients and community. From residents facing evictions to workers facing discrimination, ALC stands as a beacon of hope for many. One poignant example that Lily shares is of a 90-year-old Chinatown resident and her daughter, whom ALC assisted in finding stable housing amidst the looming threat of eviction. These individuals, facing life-altering challenges, are the heart of ALC, pushing them to do better every day.

But like any other organization, ALC also needs a robust infrastructure to function efficiently. Here, the role of DeepNet comes into the spotlight. As Lily articulates, in their quest to bring about change and leave a lasting impact, the systems in place play an integral role. DeepNet, their dependable partner, ensures that ALC’s technology needs are met, offering unwavering support even in the toughest of times, such as during the COVID crisis.

The story of the Asian Law Caucus, through Lily's eyes, is more than just an organization's mission. It's a tale of resilience, hope, and a relentless quest for justice and equality. Whether it's offering legal aid or uplifting communities, ALC, backed by partners like DeepNet, strives to make a difference, one story at a time.

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