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Non-Profit Program Delivery in a Remote-First Era: The Impact on IT Service

Jeremy Stayton
December 7, 2023
Non-Profit Program Delivery in a Remote-First Era: The Impact on IT Service

As a part of DeepNet's account management team, I've seen firsthand how remote-first work has initiated a wave of digital transformation in the non-profit sector. This transformation has required a major shift in the services that we as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) offer to our non-profit clients. Here's how various aspects of program delivery have evolved, and the corresponding changes we've made to our services:

Online Education Platforms

Non-profits providing educational services quickly adapted to online platforms during the pandemic, and these platforms remain widely used. To support this, we've helped our clients develop, implement, and manage the necessary digital infrastructure to collaborate and publish content for Learning Management Systems and other remote education solutions.

Telehealth Services

With telehealth becoming a major component of healthcare services, we've been assisting our clients in implementing IT standards and technology to support the use of telehealth platforms. Ensuring secure and reliable access to these platforms has been a crucial part of our network management services.

Virtual Volunteering

As non-profits shifted to virtual volunteering, we've helped them implement the necessary software solutions and expand their network capacities to support remote access. We've also ramped up our IT support services to address the increased tech issues and training needs that come with a larger base of remote users.

Virtual Events

Non-profits continue to host virtual events, webinars, and online conferences, which require robust digital infrastructure. We help our clients with a variety of technical aspects , from setting up collaboration software to providing real-time IT support and hardware.

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