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Empowering Business Connectivity: OTT & SD-WAN

November 30, 2023
Empowering Business Connectivity: OTT & SD-WAN

Today’s IT domain values robust internet. As cloud adoption grows, the stakes for quality connectivity rise. Here’s where OTT shines.

OTT Demystified OTT allows firms to engage with an ISP and overlay cloud services from another provider. It’s the modern way - think using internet but streaming content elsewhere.


  • Choose your ISP.
  • Control configurations.
  • Cut costs, particularly for SMEs.

OTT's Challenge: Achieving QoS OTT can struggle with Quality of Service (QoS), critical for voice interactions:

  • Jitter:     Audio disturbances from data misalignment.
  • Latency:     Delays causing voice echoes.

MSP’s Role: SD-WAN Enhancement An MSP brings SD-WAN to the OTT equation, refining WANs using standardbroadband. This ensures smooth application functionality and high-quality communication.

Why MSPs Matter:

  1. Guided Management: Hands-on SD-WAN supervision for peak performance.
  2. Enhanced Security: Encryption protocols and safeguards.
  3. Bandwidth Fluidity: Tailored adjustments.
  4. Savings:     Maximizing broadband utility, bypassing MPLS expenses.
  5. Operational Efficiency: Swift configurations and transitions.

Wrap Up Combining OTT and SD-WAN offers businesses a streamlined communication experience. When under the stewardship of an MSP, this fusion becomes a formidable force in the IT landscape.


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