Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services provide a synergistic solution for businesses that have established internal IT teams. As a managed service provider, DeepNet enhances your team's capabilities by supplementing them with additional expertise, access to advanced technology, and scalable support. Our services are designed to be cost-effective, offering both managed IT support and strategic planning assistance, blending the strengths of your internal IT team with the extensive resources and expertise of a managed service provider.

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Why Choose Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services bridge the gap between relying entirely on a managed service provider (MSP) and solely on an internal IT team. Traditional managed services involve the MSP acting as the complete IT department for a client. However, in a co-managed setup, organizations with an existing internal IT team often seek support for particular IT functions, balancing the workload and expertise.

DeepNet excels in offering co-managed services, a harmonious blend of your internal IT team's knowledge with the specialized capabilities of an MSP. This approach not only enhances but also complements the skills and resources of your IT department.

Key services provided by DeepNet in these co-managed scenarios include:

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Supplemented IT Support

Co-managed IT services represent a strategic partnership, where our expertise complements your internal IT department's efforts. This collaborative approach ensures that your IT team is bolstered by additional resources and specialized skills, allowing for a more robust and responsive IT infrastructure. Whether it's filling gaps in your team's expertise or managing an influx of demands that exceed your current capabilities, our co-managed solution is tailored to support your specific needs.

Our technicians can provide everything from helpdesk support to senior engineer project delivery to add capable hands to bolster any part of your team.
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Strategic Technology Consulting

Technology advisory services help your in-house team make informed decisions about technology investments and IT infrastructure management.

The co-management strategy embedded in our consulting services offers a collaborative approach to managing your day-to-day IT tasks and long-term strategic projects. This model ensures that your internal IT team gains access to specialized skills and expertise without the overhead associated with expanding the internal staff. It's an ideal solution for enhancing the effectiveness of your internal IT department, providing them with the support they need to focus on strategic growth initiatives while we handle the operational aspects of IT management.
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WTB has worked with several IT providers over the years. DeepNet stands in a class of its own at the top. It is important for us that we partner with vendors who strive to do good in the world while offering a product or service of quality and value. DeepNet is the “Patagonia of IT.” Literally. From set up to clean up. They walk their talk and it shows in the caring, attention and passion of their company throughout all the people we have worked with and the service they have provided to us.

Delight your employees with IT support that works

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Network Monitoring and Management

We optimize the performance and security of your IT network infrastructure by identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into problems.We optimize the performance and security of your IT network infrastructure by identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into problems.

This model of managed IT support is particularly beneficial for businesses that require a high level of IT support from managed services provider but may not have the resources to expand their internal teams significantly. By working alongside your IT department, we provide the added hands and expertise needed to tackle a wide array of IT tasks. .
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Infrastructure Management and Administration

DeepNet’s private cloud hosting not only offers Infrastructure as a co managed it services but also provides elevated Tier 3 support, enhancing the capabilities of your internal IT team. This service is especially beneficial for organizations looking to bridge the knowledge gap in managing complex IT environments without the significant hiring costs associated with expanding the internal IT department. Our co-managed model ensures that your in-house team gains access to enterprise tools and technology tools necessary for efficient day-to-day tasks and business operations, fostering business growth and IT strategy development.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our MSP services are designed to safeguard critical data and systems, ensuring they are protected and recoverable in the event of a disaster or data loss. This is crucial for many businesses, particularly those with limited resources and a high reliance on their organization's internal data for day-to-day operations.

By adopting our co-management strategy, your business can achieve significant cost savings and increased security, ensuring your IT teams can focus on core business growth activities while we manage projects related to data protection and disaster recovery.

Hardware Procurement and Management

DeepNet excels in managing relationships with hardware vendors, ensuring your IT investments yield the best value and contribute to effective lifecycle management of your IT hardware assets. This service addresses a few reasons why businesses struggle with technology procurement, including limited internal IT staff availability and the high costs of managing these processes in-house.

Our co-managed arrangement allows your internal IT department to leverage our consulting services for strategic acquisition and management, leading to cost savings, access to the right partner networks, and an optimized IT environment that supports business operations and growth.
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