We're joining your team.


We deliver our tech knowledge base paired with the breadth of our systems and solutions experience, but spare you the budget pressure of an in-house IT team.

We find you the right ways to improve and sustain performance with reliability, efficiency, and security.


Make us a
part of your
business plan.


Orchestrating your devices, workstations, network, and storage is a complicated task. Without a great system, your team has to dig and fight for the information they need to work their best.

A commitment to an effective IT solution is a must, but should you invest in building your own team? For most mid-sized offices, an in-house team isn’t feasible.

Finding a trusted IT partner is the best bet, offering the advantage with experience and resources while remaining cost effective. Let our technology advantage empower your business.

From virtualizing servers to optimizing both wired and wireless networks, DeepNet works to minimize your tech pain and improve systems so you can do what you do best.


Ready to bring enterprise support to your organization?

Full time support starts at just $1,500/month, contact us today for a customized service quote.


How does DeepNet compare to other options for small and medium sized businesses? We deliver more experience and expertise, more daily coverage hours and cut your costs.

For businesses with 25 workstations, 2 servers and 1 location:

  In House IT DeepNet
Team 1 10
Availability 40hrs/week 56hrs/week
Cost $55,000-$75,000/year* $49,000/year
Expertise in:    
Servers Hopefully Definitely
Networks Hopefully Definitely
Cloud Hopefully Definitely
PC Hopefully Definitely
Mac Hopefully Definitely
VoIP Hopefully Definitely
Mobile Hopefully Definitely

* Not including benefits, training, administrative, and free lunches.

“DeepNet has a wonderful proactive approach to IT services. Our technology infrastructure and process are hassle free thanks to our strategic partnership with DeepNet.”
— Christina Pratt | President, Trope Group