Device Lifecycle Management Services

DeepNet delivers top-tier Device Lifecycle and Endpoint Management Services and Solutions, meticulously crafted to streamline and fortify your organization's IT infrastructure. Our extensive services cater to an expansive array of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and IoT devices. By integrating advanced Device Lifecycle Management Services, we ensure seamless integration and peak performance across your entire network.

Expert device and endpoint management services that will

Device lifecycle management services allow you to track inventory effectively. Track all devices and their details, such as make, model, OS versio.

Device lifecycle management services give the opportunity to remotely configure and control devices, including remote device management, device wipe, lock, and update capabilities.

Implement security policies to protect data on devices, leveraging our device management services, including password enforcement, encryption, and remote wipe, and experience the benefits of device lifecycle management.

Help enforce compliance with company policies and improved workflow

Tiela Chalmers
CEO, Alameda County Bar Association.
Having DeepNet on hand to ensure that our IT equipment is tracked, replaced, and securely/sustainably disposed has been invaluable. Their Field Services team have been super flexible & always ready to do an onsite visit to ensure our equipment, network & infrastructure is one hundred percent.

Delight your employees with device management that works

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Safeguard your data

The most significant advantage of adopting a device lifecycle management strategy is the assurance of enhanced security, offering you peace of mind. DeepNet is committed to protecting both your data and that of your clients by assuming the responsibility of remotely managing and updating end user devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

Our approach includes implementing stringent password policies, enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA), and ensuring the secure erasure of work-related data from devices that are lost or compromised. We facilitate the direct delivery of security updates and policies to your devices, maintaining a secure connection to corporate resources.

Should an employee's personal or company device be stolen or compromised, IT administrators have the capability to remotely purge all work-related information swiftly. Additionally, we can deploy necessary security updates or policies straight from your management console to your client's devices, guaranteeing that anything connected to their company resources is safeguarded to the highest degree.

This comprehensive device lifecycle management strategy not only encompasses device security and inventory management but also ensures the secure management of the device inventory throughout its entire lifecycle, fortifying the protection of end user devices against potential threats.

Streamline complex tasks & save money

Navigate the intricacies of device management with ease, thanks to DeepNet's comprehensive support. Our expertise in device lifecycle management ensures the seamless distribution of updates, enhancements, and policies across your entire device ecosystem.
Leverage our proactive approach to device recommendations and inventory management, designed to forestall potential device malfunctions or compliance discrepancies. In the unfortunate event of a data breach, our swift response capabilities enable the immediate identification and isolation of compromised devices. Furthermore, our streamlined processes simplify the setup of new devices for your team and ensure the secure removal of sensitive company data from devices upon employee departure or in cases of loss.

Benefit from our holistic device lifecycle management strategy, which includes meticulous vendor and asset management, facilitating efficient device procurement and usage across multiple vendors. Embrace the full spectrum of benefits associated with comprehensive device lifecycle management with DeepNet, your partner in simplifying complex tasks and maximizing cost savings.
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