Business Continuity Assessments

Leverage our expertise to align your organization with the rhythm of rapid change & technological innovation

IT Security Assessments

During onboarding, we perform a comprehensive security audit of your systems, processes, and infrastructure across all sites and locations. DeepNet’s IT approach defines a set of base-level standards that all clients must adhere to. Any gaps or shortcomings will be highlighted with a proposed path forward.
Amy Deak
President, Virtual Management Systems
Before signing on with DeepNet, our previous MSP was attacked by ransomware. We lost access to all of our systems with no recourse or communications from our vendor – unacceptable. DeepNet not only came to our rescue, they also design systems to be resilient to any future threats so that we can sleep easy at night

Are you feeling confident with how your security, technology & compliance stacks up?

Navigating the constant ebb and flow of your organization’s IT can be complex. How is your network faring? Are your cybersecurity measures and cloud services up-to-date and robust? Are you ticking off all mandatory compliance checkpoints? Your DeepNet tech advisory team is here to help guide you & ensure your organization is ready to meet the challenge.

Compliance Assessments

Operating within an industry that mandates compliances such as  HIPAA, FINRA, HITRUST, PCI DSS 3.0 & SOC 2 compliance calls for rigid adherence to certain operational processes and security protocols. We’ve got clients with every level of compliance requirement and our services and solutions are compliance ready. We can assist with any compliance cleanup or audit support as necessary to ensure that there is minimal risk to your operations.
Sanjay Chitale
CEO, Trust Plus Care
We built and now operate a remote workforce in the compliance-heavy insurance sector and selected DeepNet to steward the IT process. From policy and controls to hardware and support we had help every step of the way.

Delight your employees with IT support that works

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Network Assessments

Assessing your wired and wireless network is crucial to monitor and maintain network performance, reliability, and safety. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential security threats, internet issues or complete outages. Nearly every organization today requires reliable, secure and performant internet connectivity for basic operations to function. By proactively assessing and then maintaining proper standards, monitoring and updates, you won’t have to worry about your network again.
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Trainings from the top

Keeping up with rapidly evolving technology can be challenging, but we're here to help. Every six weeks, DeepNet invites you to join a laser-focused, value-packed webinar tailored specifically for leaders & endeavoring achievers.

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