Hardware Refresh and  IT Procurement services

Let us handle the hassle of managing your hardware assets from procurement to disposal. Enhance employee experience, increase productivity, and stay secure with DeepNet's IT procurement services. Our specialized IT procurement services ensure that you have the right hardware when you need it, streamlining your operations and optimizing your technology investments

Tiela Chalmers
CEO, Alameda County Bar Association.
Having DeepNet on hand to ensure that our IT equipment is tracked, replaced, and securely/sustainably disposed has been invaluable. Their Field Services team have been super flexible & always ready to do an onsite visit to ensure our equipment, network & infrastructure is one hundred percent.

Easily get the hardware you need in the hands that need it.

Our designated account managers collaborate with you to create an approved list of hardware items and specifications. Here's how it works:
  • We recommend and agree upon hardware standards.
  • We provide a list of anything that is failing, needs replacement, or needs to go to a new hire, implementing effective procurement strategies.
  • Receive a quote from us for the IT procurement services.
  • Approve the order, ensuring a seamless IT procurement process.
  • Stay informed with order status updates throughout the procurement process.
  • Confirm delivery on the day of arrival, a crucial step in our IT procurement services.
  • Our team sets up the new workstation with your employee, enhancing the employee experience.
  • We’ll pick up or ship any hardware that needs to be disposed of, completing the full IT procurement cycle.

Delight your employees with Cybersecurity that works

Gift your employees with knowledge and best practices in seamless, IT Support & Cybersecurity.

Boost productivity with consistent hardware performance

Elevate efficiency and meet your business needs with a strategy that ensures consistent hardware performance. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of any deviations from established technology standards. We then craft a tailored replacement cycle that judiciously balances budgetary constraints with the evolving technology requirements of your organization. This strategic cycle is a crucial part of our IT procurement needs management, incorporating considerations for software licensing and vendor management into the planning process.

IT Infrastructure for Peak Performance and procurement process

Our proactive hardware refresh process is designed to keep workstations, laptops, and other essential devices in strict alignment with DeepNet’s technology standards, thus ensuring your team has the reliable tools they need to excel. By integrating this process with your existing procedures, we not only streamline your IT operations but also simplify your supply chain. This methodical approach guarantees that your technology infrastructure is always current, secure, and fully capable of supporting your organization’s objectives.

In essence, our service transforms the complexity of managing hardware lifecycle and software licensing into a simplified, efficient workflow that supports your business's growth and innovation. With our expertise in vendor management and a keen understanding of IT procurement needs, we provide a seamless experience that optimizes your technology investments and propels your business forward.

Prioritizing Eco-Conscious Hardware Disposal and Data Security with DeepNet

As a B Corp committed to sustainable and secure technology lifecycle management, DeepNet embodies its core values through every aspect of our operations. Recognizing e-waste and data theft as significant global challenges, we ensure our hardware disposal processes are both environmentally responsible and secure. Our comprehensive, US-based IT hardware disposal strategy incorporates the following key elements:

Inventory Tracking: We meticulously track all devices within our inventory, capturing essential details like make, model, and OS version. This enables us to manage these valuable resources effectively, ensuring they are disposed of in an eco-conscious manner.

Remote Configuration and Control: Our existing processes allow for on-demand access to remotely configure and control devices. This includes capabilities for device wiping, locking, and updating, ensuring data security throughout the entire process.

Data Protection Policies: Implementing robust security policies, we safeguard data on devices with measures such as password enforcement, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. These policies are integral to maintaining data security and aligning with company compliance standards.

Workflow Enhancement and Compliance: By assisting in the enforcement of company policies, we not only improve workflow efficiency but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Our approach to hardware disposal and technology management integrates seamlessly with existing processes, providing a streamlined, secure, and environmentally friendly solution.

DeepNet's commitment to eco-conscious hardware disposal reflects our dedication to protecting both the planet and our clients' data security.

Through our meticulous management of the technology lifecycle, we offer peace of mind, knowing that your IT assets are handled responsibly and securely, from start to finish.

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