Streamlined Hardware Procurement and Refresh

Let us handle the hassle of managing your hardware assets from procurement to disposal. Enhance employee experience, increase productivity, and stay secure with DeepNet's comprehensive hardware services.

Easily get the hardware you need in the hands that need it.

Our designated account managers collaborate with you to create an approved list of hardware items and specifications. Here's how it works:
  • We recommend and agree upon hardware standards.
  • We provide a list of anything that is failing, needs replacement or needs to go to a new hire.
  • Receive a quote from us.
  • Approve the order.
  • Stay informed with order status updates.
  • Confirm delivery on the day of arrival.
  • Our team sets up the new workstation with your employee.
  • We’ll pick up or ship any hardware that needs to be disposed of.

Delight your employees with IT support that works

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Boost productivity with consistent hardware performance

We start by analyzing deviations from our standards, then establish a replacement cycle that balances budgetary concerns and technology needs. Our ongoing hardware refresh process ensures workstations, laptops, and devices align with DeepNet's technology standards

Count on eco-conscious hardware disposal

DeepNet is a B Corp, and hardware disposal and technology lifecycle management processes put our values to work. We recognize e-waste and data theft are both global challenges, so we do our part responsibly and securely. Our US-based IT hardware disposal process looks like this:

Track inventory. Track all devices and their details, such as make, model, OS version, etc.

Remotely configure and control devices, including device wipe, lock, and update.

Implement security policies to protect data on devices, such as password enforcement, encryption, and remote wipe.

Help enforce compliance with company policies and improved workflow

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