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Join our webinar on March 6th to discover the symbiotic relationship of MSPs & clients when it comes to cybersecurity.

Master Cybersecurity with DeepNet - Webinar on March 6th

Join DeepNet leaders and top cybersecurity experts to unravel the symbiotic relationship between MSPs and clients in the complex world of cybersecurity and data protection. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to fortify your digital business and prosper in an increasingly challenging cyber environment.


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Your team for the webinar...

Our technicians and strategists will guide the webinar and answer your questions.

Julian Sutter
DeepNet's CTO and all around tech guru.

Andy Smith

DeepNet's leader for Strategy & Account Management.

The agenda for the webinar..

Introduction: The Symbiotic Relationship between MSPs and Clients  
Overview of the unique relationship between MSPs and their clients.  The effect of the escalating threat landscape on this relationship.  

Key points we'll cover:

The Unrelenting Cyber Environment Understanding the current cyber threat landscape.  Discussing the increased vulnerabilities faced by SMBs and MSPs.  

The High Cost of Vulnerability Exploring the financial implications of cyberattacks on SMBs.  How cyber liability coverage impacts SMBs and MSPs.  

The Pivotal Role of MSPs Addressing the risks faced by MSPs in the context of cybersecurity and insurance.  The value proposition MSPs offer SMBs for better cybersecurity measures.  

Understanding the Customer Profile Discussing the unique needs and budget constraints of SMB clients.  Emphasizing the need for MSPs to ensure their clients have access to managed endpoint protection.  

Offering Financial Protection Introducing the concept of a unique service warranty offered by MSPs.  Discussing how this service can provide a financial safety net and a robust security stack to SMBs.  

Beyond Antivirus - The Age of AI-Powered XDRs Discussing the limitations of traditional antivirus software.  Introducing the concept of AI-powered XDR platforms and their potential benefits.