Managed IT Services - Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, ranging from clinics to mid-sized hospitals, encounter distinct challenges in optimizing their IT. These challenges include ensuring patient data security, maintaining regulatory compliance, integrating diverse health technologies, and navigating the complex landscape of digital health records. At DeepNet, we recognize these challenges because we craft our Managed IT Services to address them specifically.

IT support, managed services, and advanced technology for your organization

At DeepNet, we have refined our services over time to directly address the unique IT challenges faced by healthcare providers. Our offerings include proactive IT support, robust cybersecurity measures, effective management of IT infrastructure & applications, and strategic insights that streamline operations, enabling medical staff to concentrate on their essential role: ensuring patient care and health.

Jill Miller
Project Manager, Forum Health.
As a healthcare provider with aggressive growth plans, we’re continuously onboarding new clinics and DeepNet was instrumental in the design and ongoing workflow of this process. They are a true partner and we honestly wouldn’t run as smoothly without them..

Delight your employees with IT services that work

Gift your employees with responsive and effective IT support; all while we quickly resolve issues and proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place.

High expectations? Good. We can:

Assist in selecting and managing technology vendors that align with your healthcare objectives, ensuring seamless integration and reliability.
Implement specialized technology solutions for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telehealth platforms, and patient data management systems, providing secure and efficient access to critical health information.
Provide transparent, fixed monthly IT costs, IT road-mapping and budgeting, enabling effective financial planning and cost control.
Keep your IT infrastructure compliant with health industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, or others pertinent to your location and scope of operation.
Implement and maintain high-standard cybersecurity measures tailored to protect sensitive patient data against evolving digital threats.
Utilize cutting-edge technologies and analytics to optimize both clinical and administrative workflows, improving operational efficiency and patient care.
Expand your capabilities in remote patient care with secure and user-friendly telehealth solutions, catering to the growing demand for virtual healthcare services.
Leverage data analytics to gain insights into patient care trends, operational efficiency, and clinical outcomes, supporting evidence-based decision-making.

We’re Joining Your Team

We’d love to support your existing IT staff; we offer co-managed IT services to fill any gaps in expertise or add depth in the bench. This balanced partnership provides your organization with the precise level of support you need, helping you maximize your resources and better achieve your goals.

Proactive IT management frees up time for what’s important

Our technology set and proactive approach enables users to work both online and offline in any location, with data, files, and apps synchronized across all systems. We manage and support your software, workstations, and IT infrastructure, maintaining a stable and robust environment while you get to focus on what’s important: helping your clients!

Security First: Protecting Your organization

We understand the critical importance of data protection. That's why we employ stringent security measures, leveraging best-in-class processes and enterprise security software to shield your organization from cyber threats.

Your IT Support Ally

Whether it’s routine IT support, IT strategy, technical projects or peace-of-mind cyber security, we’ve got your back. From on-site work to infrastructure; our experts are ready to provide the specific services you need.

Get the Value You Need from Your Technology

Our tech advisory team is keen to understand your IT goals and budget to ensure you are getting the maximum technology value for your money. Our services include comprehensive IT project planning, management, and execution for a fixed monthly fee.

DeepNet’s IT roadmap in action

DeepNet’s IT roadmap process is built on decades of experience helping clients. A mix of signature services and requested projects, it is designed to reduce risk, improve functionality, increase efficiency, and move your organization toward its goals.

Andy Smith
Tech Advisory Manager
We’ll guide you through onboarding, ensuring that we’ve listened to your needs and resolved key issues. We’ll then leverage our experience, your requirements and together, we’ll define and implement a roadmap focused on your goals.
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Your Priority Issues

Organizational Goals

DeepNet Experience & Standards

Assessment & Onboarding

4-8 weeks

Fully onboarded to our IT Managed Services. We’ve addressed your key technology issues, upgraded essential infrastructure, hardware & implemented improved security measures.

Example IT Roadmap

We’ve defined & commenced a prioritized, ongoing IT roadmap plan

Implement multi-factor authentication for account security
Month 1
Improve employee onboarding/offboarding workflow
Month 2-3
Retire QuickBooks server to cloud-based alternative
Month 4-5
Upgrade old workstations
Month 6-8
Active Directory cleanup
Month 12
Deploy organizational password management
Month 9-11
New office location network setup
Month 13-14
Migration to online collaboration software
Month 15-18

Network and Connectivity Solutions from Big to Small

The foundation of most operations is secure connectivity to the internet. From network performance to security, our expert team can manage and secure your network end-to-end. Thorough assessment and monitoring are core to maintaining reliable access to the applications that your organization relies on.

Trainings from the top

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